Loyalty, people talk about it, they sing and rap about it and even demand it but do they really know what loyalty means? It’s more than just a word. There are actions that define it. Loyalty does not mean you blindly follow along. You must speak up to your best friend, your father, mother, sister, or brother. After all if your friend is going to crash are you going to just go along with him because you are being loyal?

Someone who is loyal to you will fight not just for you but with you. He or she will be looking out for you and what is in your best interest even if you don’t see that at the time. A yes man or woman may sound great but they are not trustworthy. There are there for as long as you are useful to them. When there is no more use for you the yes man or woman will leave to find the next best person to use and yes you are being used by the yes people. They will stay with you for what they get out of knowing you and being around you.

Think of any celebrity that used to be famous, when they were at the height of their fame they had many people around them. There were tons of hangers-on. Once their star was not shining as brightly and they were no longer on the A list do you see those people around? No you do not. Their usefulness to those people ended so they don’t want to be around them anymore. They never truly cared for that person. Don’t get caught up in the idea that you must be a yes man/woman to show your loyalty. Also, be careful to whom you are loyal to as well. Not everyone deserves your loyalty.

The person most loyal to you is not necessarily the person you’ve known the longest. Sometimes people believe the length of time they’ve known someone means they truly love and care about them. In many cases it does, but not in all. Sometimes the very people that have known you for many years are the ones most jealous or resentful of your successes. Therefore, be careful, pay attention to the people you surround yourself with and who you are loyal to.