Do you have a friendship story you would like to share?

Can you tell who your “True friends” are?  Need help to figure it out?  Or do you have a great friendship story you would like to share?  We love friendship stories, good, bad and everything in between. is a friendship website for good, best friends, bad friends and true friends.  It is the place to celebrate your friendship, share your stories, get advice on how to be a good friend and purchase great gifts.  True friendship is hard to find and a wonderful thing to have.  Having one true friend in your life is a necessity for happiness!   


4 thoughts on “True Friendship is Beautiful!”

  1. Question-what do you do when friendship becomes one sided? Meaning you are the one reaching out by calling or texting etc, if you don’t reach out, there is no communication. Than it becomes weeks, months and years that you don’t talk/communicate!

  2. Friends are something which help us in the bad time share their feelings with us and enjoy a lot in the happy moment and fight for us in the bad time. Hope our friendship never breaks.

  3. There comes a point in time, when you realize that you need a earthly friend.That …that possess a Christ like Spirit. One who seem to show true understanding for each other feelings, and are there to point out your follies rather than taking side and believes in You.

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