What is a friend?

LaToya Byfield
Is a friend someone you love or  like?
Would you let them ride your bike?
Would you let him or her in your home?
Would you let them use your comb?
Would you help him up when he stumbles along the way?
Or would you look away?
Would you share your eats?
Or selfishly hide your treats?
Do you have belly laughs and cheer each other up when you’re blue?
When you argue are you completely through?
Do you smile when she’s around?
Or does she make you frown?
Does your heart feel light when he’s in your sight?
Does her presence make everything bright?
Did I make you think about people you know?
Do you now know who is your foe?
Some people think frenemies are cute it’s more like pulling a tooth!   
Who wants an enemy that is a friend? On that I will not bend!
An enemy is an enemy not a friend.
A true friend is with you through thick and thin and often makes you look within.
Jealousy does not compute. A true friend will always tell you the truth!
Love, Laughter and trust, all of these are a must!
Without them your friendships are a bust!
To make those friendships true all of this I hope you knew.  
I hope you learned something today.
A true friend will never go away!

Should I Tell?

Friendship, Göteborg, Sweden
Friendship, Göteborg, Sweden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dear Tee, I recently saw my friend’s boyfriend kissing another girl at the movies. Should I tell her? Now here’s the thing we’ve been friends for 5 years and we are the best of friends but I don’t know if I should tell her or not. What if she gets mad at me for telling her? I don’t know what to do. Help! Megan G.   Tee: Megan, if this is really your best friend then you should not be afraid to tell her the truth.  Some of the qualities of friendship, a true friendship, are honesty, and trust.  If you have those in your friendship you should not worry too much or be afraid to tell her.  In the past people had a tendency to “kill” the messenger but that is no longer the case.:) If you are telling the truth then you haven’t done anything wrong.  There are some things to keep in mind though.  She will be mad and maybe at you at first.  Sometimes people get mad at the people they love because they know it’s safe to do so because that person will love them no matter what. There is also something else to consider. If this guy is cheating on her then there is a risk of her getting some type of sexually transmitted disease.  Another thing is that he will definitely be mad at you as well so be prepared for that.  They may break up or she may forgive him and he will always hold it against you which may ruin the friendship.  If you do not tell her and she finds out later that you knew then will be mad at you.   No matter what your friend will be upset.  This will most likely be a true test of how strong your friendship is.  If you really trust each other your friendship will survive this.  This is just my opinion but you know the type of friendship that you have so ultimately it is up to you what to do because you have to live what happens if you tell or if you do not tell.

I AM as smart as you – Maybe even smarter!

I thought Wayne was my best friend until I had a change in my financial status. I left my job to start my own business but it is a struggle. I just had it with corporate America and wanted to do my own thing. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. After 2 years it was still slow going especially because the economy tanked and people didn’t have as much money to spend. I noticed Wayne started acting funny and making sly comments about people leaving their job without having another (he is a corporate brownnoser and love the games of corporate America which is fine for him but it’s not my thing). He even went so far as to speculate with our mutual friends about how I’m living and not in a good way. Then he would call me less and less and only calls when he has a new gadget or job to brag about. Another year went by and I realized it was really bugging him trying to figure out how I was surviving because I never complained about money or borrowed money from him. He started asking mutual friends if they lent me money. I’ve known him for 19 years and never even borrowed a quarter. I am the type of person that if I can’t afford something, I’ll do without. I don’t have a problem asking for help when I need it but I don’t like borrowing money or asking for unnecessary favors. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and one day asked me how I’m doing it. “So how long did you save up to do this business, James?” “Did you save for 5 years? “ “Did you save in percentages or what?” He asked some other questions I don’t even want to mention but when he finally popped and asked me these things it made me wonder if he forgot we both went to and graduated from the same University. Normally these questions would be ok but his behavior made me realize somehow he didn’t think I was as smart or capable as him. You see he wants to start his own business but have not yet done so. I feel like dude we both have our degrees and even if I didn’t, it doesn’t mean that I am not capable of doing more than working in an office. I haven’t totally written him off but I don’t share like I used to. Funny how money or the lack of it, change the way people treat you. I just had to get this off my chest. Thank you About Your Friends! — James G. – NYC