Beautiful spirit, beautiful soul
So many stories that were never told.

You laughed and smiled through all the pain
and endured so much through all the rain.

There were many things you were never allowed to achieve
and many times you were deceived
but you were brave and you were strong
even when you felt you did not belong.

In a life filled with strife music was your life
Writing was appealing and singing healing
And when you sang oh what a feeling!

African SunChildren of Zion may not be classics to many
But they fill our hearts with joy a plenty.

You battled you fought and sometimes thought,
“Why continue with this fight?”
But you did not know how to quit
And wanted to stick around just a bit
So you gave it your all
That much I do recall.

You lost the battle but we will win the war.
You did your best now go ahead and rest.
I know you’re keeping your eye on us, on that I can attest!

Bravery, integrity, honesty and strength
Are just a few words that can be used to describe you at length.

We remember your favorite color is blue and even the size of your shoe.
Boy oh boy memories don’t live like people do.

You meant what you said and you said what you meant.
A man of your word with no malicious intent.

Sweet, fair, honorable and kind
Your demeanor was sublime.
You were loved, you were cherished,
My love for you will never perish.

You were a great father
And a great friend
A great example for all men.

A man of love, a man of faith
Of this many can relate
A man that reads the bible everyday
And says a prayer before he goes on his way.

Yes, a real rasta man reads the bible everyday
A chapter a day keeps the devil away.

While he may have had some regrets
I know he did his best
And now that he has gone to rest
I think of him when life’s a mess
For he is my inspiration you see
He helped me to just be me
To live life to the fullest and do my best
And not worry about all the rest.

It wasn’t easy being a rasta man
But with Jah by his side he made a plan
To be a good man so his kids could see
Just how a true man should be.

He led by example, his heart was pure
His legacy will forever endure
Love, family, music were his mainstays
We will always remember his glory days.