My friend, let’s say her name is Heather, is causing so much trouble for me. She constantly lies and then uses me to help cover her lies. It’s so frustrating. At first it was little things like she left her jacket at my house when she was at someone else’s house where she shouldn’t have been but now it’s completely out of hand. She’s doing things that she shouldn’t be doing and claiming she was with me when she wasn’t. She makes up these lies and then tells me after expecting me to cover for her. Enough is enough. It’s stressing me out. I don’t want to get in trouble too. I need her to stop. We’ve been friends since middle school but that won’t matter soon because I can’t trust her.

I thought friends were supposed to help you not make your life more difficult. I’ve already gotten in trouble with my parents because they thought I was with her when she got into mischief.

My parents are upset about this situation and I know I need to tell them about Heather’s behavior but I am still holding out hope for our friendship. I wish she didn’t put me in this position where I feel like I have to choose between her and my parents. Ultimately, I think I will have to tell my parents about what has been going on. She doesn’t listen to me and I think it is the only way I can ensure her safety at this point.