Through a Daughter’s Eyes: An Inside Look at a Rasta Man

Rasta man Junior Byfield

By LaToya Byfield Beautiful spirit, beautiful soul So many stories that were never told. You laughed and smiled through all the pain and endured so much through all the rain. There were many things you were never allowed to achieve and many times you were deceived but you were brave and you were strong even […]

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Memories of Father

Memories of father

Father’s day brings back so many memories.  My favorite is making ice cream from scratch with my dad Christmas time. I used to spin the handle until I couldn’t turn it anymore then my dad would take over.

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My Father, My Friend!

As I celebrate another father’s day I of course think of my father who passed away almost three years ago. I miss my dad singing happy birthday to me, his voice, his fatherly advice and seeing him on stage. Music was in his blood and the only thing he loved more than music was the […]

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