It’s wonderful what a friend can do

A friend can cheer you when you’re blue

A friend is with you through good and bad

And makes things right when you are sad.

A friend will encourage you when you doubt yourself

And remind you to love yourself

A friend will not hesitate to help you become great

And will never promote hate

A friend makes time for you

A friend will listen to you

A friend will never reject you

Friend is a titled that is earned

It cannot be bought

No matter what you thought

Your money may buy you yes men

But they are never the best men

They may hang around because of your status

And will even create some fracas

But they are only there for prestige

For which you will never be pleased

True friendship is almost magical

Some people believe it is comical

Because they have never experienced it

So how can they celebrate it?

Stop using the word friend so lightly

Or you just might end up with a frenemy not surprisingly!

Love, Laughter & Trust are the Cornerstone of True friendship!

Remember that and you will know how to be a friend

So that in the future friendships will not end

So be good, be kind, be sublime

And your friendships will be divine.