It’s amazing! I remember growing up always hearing the saying, “if you want to know who your friends are, let something tragic happen to you” and wondering to myself, I have good friends that could never happen to me.

Boy was I ever wrong. I have always taken pride of considering myself to be a good supportive friend, the one to sit at your side for a Dr. Appointment, cook your favorite meal when you’re sick, or even help you make funeral arrangements when you lose your loved one. Call me, and I would be by your side. I just thought that this is what good friends do automatically, boy was I wrong.

Two years ago, I was in an accident that caused me to have to take some time off from work for about a year, requiring two surgeries. I had never considered myself a needy person, but who I thought would call and even stop by to see how I was doing, never came. This was a real wake up call for me, where I had to turn to the one true source that strengthen me, when all else failed me. I turned to God! I would pray and ask God to soften my heart to not hold anger or malice in my heart, for I was convinced that not everyone can love how I love, because they were never taught. I learned to lower my expectations of people so I wouldn’t be disappointed. Boy was I wrong!

On my road to recovery, I had become very involved with the social media community, where I started writing inspirational blogs that caught the attention of a circle of beautiful people that would change my life, and became a great circle of support to me.

There was Grace, she was from the Bronx, attended the same high school, but we had never met, and that we had found so much in common. Grace had found out that she had an aneurysm on her brain, and let me know how my affirmations saved her life. Little did Grace know, calling me daily just to pray with me, saved my life.

Then there was Lydia, she was a Jewish lady from New Jersey, who loved to read my affirmations that I wrote daily. Lydia would email me with the most beautiful prayers, and some exercise for me to try to strengthen my arm in between P.T. sessions.

And last but not least is Keiki from the Philippines, but lived in NYC on a student visa. Keiki would call me every day to see how I was feeling and keep my spirits up, emailed beautiful poetry, and the funniest jokes. I love them each in ways no one else would understand. You see God has a way of sending Angels to whisper words of love and wisdom, just at the point that you need it most.

Where I thought my “friends” would be there, they weren’t, and that is ok. But what I have come to realize my friends where there all along. Three beautiful strangers that have become my closest dearest friends, and have given my life so much perspective. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.