A 10 year old designer at the prestigious New York Fashion week?  Yes, it is true.  By now just about everyone has heard of Egypt (Ify) Ufele and her fashion line ChubiiLine. If you haven’t, you’re in the right place.  We were impressed by her confidence and her determination and just had to talk to Egypt. At 10 years old she is the youngest person ever to debut a line at New York Fashion Week.

Her grandmother taught her to sew when she was only 5 and she practiced by making clothes for her Barbie dolls. She started by using her dolls in fashion shows and later moved on to actual models. What is so fascinating about Ufele, however, is her motivation behind starting her own apparel line, called ChubiiLine.

Like so many kids Egypt was being bullied in school because of her weight.  She needed an outlet to relieve the stress and turned to sewing and fashion design. Having a friend or friends is really important if you’re being bullied so we wanted Egypt’s take on friendship.

AboutYourFriends:  What is your definition of friendship or what makes someone a friend?

Egypt: My definition of a friendship is someone that is loyal & always a good listener.

AboutYourFriends:  Are friends important and why?


Egypt: Friends are important because they are great supporters when family fails you.


AboutYourFriends:  How has your friend shown that he or she is a “true friend”?


Egypt: My true friends are still my friends because they have continued to see me as neighborhood Egypt not the Child Prodigy.


AboutYourFriends:  Why is your friendship special?


Egypt: My friendship is special because sometimes you just want to vent and share your dreams with and I have that.

AboutYourFriends:  Can a best friend help with bullies?  If so how?


Egypt: A best friend can help with a bully by standing together and let the bully know we are united front.

ChubbiiLine is an African-inspired collection of tribal prints and shapes that accommodate women and girls of all sizes.  Her line has garnered attention from anti-bullying groups and fashion lovers everywhere. Egypt’s story reminds us that no matter how young or old we are we need friends.  True friends are a necessity in life no matter if you are young or old, rich or poor.

For more information about ChubiiLine, visit www.shopchubiiline.com or follow Egypt on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Ifychickufele

For more information on how to stop bullying visit http://www.stopbullying.gov/get-help-now/ and https://nobullying.com/helping-a-bullying-victim/

Egypt (Ify) Ufele with Models