Your Friendships Should Make You Better!

3 friends

Your friendships should make you better not worse. Take a good look at yourself. Are you doing the right things in your life? Are you doing things that make you happy? If you are not, take a look at your life and the people in it. Is there anyone that is a source of negativity? […]

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What is Loyalty? What does it Mean to You?

Loyalty is more than a word!

Loyalty, people talk about it, they sing and rap about it and even demand it but do they really know what loyalty means? It’s more than just a word.

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A Smile Doesn’t Mean Happiness It’s Just A Smile

a smile

We are dedicated to celebrating friendships but that comes with knowing exactly who your true friends are.  Not everyone who says your friends is a friend to you. Not because he or she smiles or laughs with you mean you are really friends. That laugh may be that person is laughing at you instead of […]

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How do you keep a friend? Be one!

how do you keep a friend

To keep a friend YOU must be one. Friendship like any relationship requires give and take.  You cannot expect your friend to always listen to you, give advice but you do not have time or interest in him or her. If you do not treat your friend the way you want to be treated then […]

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Friendships Don’t Always Last Forever and that’s OK!

friendships don't always last forever

Sometimes we outgrow friendships and that’s ok. Friendships don’t always last forever.  Don’t feel guilty if you no longer have anything in common with a friend.  If you feel that way he/she may feel the same way too.  Life sometimes takes you in different directions where you meet new people learn new things and your […]

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

What's your new year's resolution?

Once again it’s that time of the year.  Time to make that new year’s resolution. The most common resolution of course is to work out more and lose weight.  Don’t forget to lose some of that emotional baggage that can also weigh a ton.  Resolve to love yourself more, have good people in your live and […]

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Are You a Friend Worth Having?

Are you a friend worth having?

Are you a friend worth having?  So many times people complain about their friends or wonder if their friend is a good friend but you have to look at yourself as well.  Are YOU a good friend? Remember that saying “to have a friend you have to be one?”  It is true.  Your friends cannot […]

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Are you a convenience?

Don’t be a convenience to anyone!  You and your time are valuable all the time not just when someone needs you to fulfil their needs. You teach people how to treat you.  If they can call you anytime and you are always available or you are willing to cancel plans just to do what they want […]

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Be a Friend in Deeds Not Just Words!

A friend in need

If your friend is in need of help don’t just say, “let me know if you need anything.” If you know she or he needs something just do it.  It doesn’t have to involve money because let’s face it times are hard and you may not have money to spare but if you can do […]

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Priorities May Vary!

priorities may vary

Being friends with someone does not mean you have to love or like the same things all the time. You may have similar taste or you like the same things but over time people change. Their needs, wants, desires and priorities change. Your priorities may vary but that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.  Life […]

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Get Rid of toxic People and Move On!

Get rid of toxic people

It is OK to move on in life. Not everybody in your life is meant to be with you through all of life stages. There are those people who are there to teach you one thing or another and when their time is up acknowledge it and move on. It may hurt to let go but […]

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A Season Reason or Lifetime?

A season reason or lifetime

It is OK to move on in life. A Season, Reason or Lifetime. Not everybody in your life is meant to be with you through all of life stages and become lifelong friends. There are those people who are there to teach you one thing or another and when their time is up acknowledge it and […]

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Trust is a MUST in Friendship!

trust is a must

Trust is a must and is one of the most fundamental ingredient in any meaningful relationship but in friendship it is a necessary requirement. In order for your friendship to survive you must be able to trust each other.  If you can’t trust your best friend then who can you rely on? A relationship without it […]

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Body Language – Actions Tell All!

  Have you ever heard that heard that saying, “Actions speak louder than words”? Well believe it or not it is very true. If you are not sure about how someone truly feels about you watch their actions. Their behavior is the best clue. If something great happens to you and you tell your friend and […]

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Listen to Your Friend!

Listen to what your friend is telling you.  You may not like what she has to say but if he/she is really your friend she is telling you the truth not just want you want to hear.  A true friend doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear.  She will tell you the truth, […]

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