Loyalty is more than a word!
betraying a friend
Rasta man Junior Byfield
Egypt (Ify) Ufele
how do you keep a friend

How do you keep a friend? Be one!

To keep a friend YOU must be one. Friendship like any relationship requires give and take.  You cannot expect your friend to always listen to you, give advice but you do not have time or interest in him or her. If you do not treat your friend the way you want to be treated then […]

cool mom

Mother oh Mother, A Mother’s Day Poem

Mother oh mother by Kayla-Marie P. Mother oh Mother The greatest she can be She’s been there for me  As you can see. A mother is like a friend A good old pal A person you can trust  And your best gal. A mother is everything  Everything you need without her you are not complete. Mother […]

Tired of being a Homework Helper

Hi Tee, I have a serious problem.  I have a very lazy friend who doesn’t want to do his own homework. I was supposed to be a homework helper not the homework doer. We’re in the same class and he always wants me to help him with his homework but then I end up doing […]

Ryan Ryenolds

What Did We Learn from Ryan Reynolds?

With the New Year’s arrival we thought about how many people may have lost friends within the last year and we are not talking about loss as in someone dying but loss as in the end of a friendship. This led us to think about what happened with Ryan Reynolds.  Our motto is “Love Laughter […]

What's your new year's resolution?

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Once again it’s that time of the year.  Time to make that new year’s resolution. The most common resolution of course is to work out more and lose weight.  Don’t forget to lose some of that emotional baggage that can also weigh a ton.  Resolve to love yourself more, have good people in your live and […]

Are you a good friend?

Are You a Friend Worth Having?

So many times people complain about their friends or wonder if their friend is a good friend but you have to look at yourself as well.  Are YOU a good friend? Remember that saying “to have a friend you have to be one?”  It is true.  Your friends cannot constantly give and give to you […]

Honesty is more important - AboutYourfriends

Which is More Important Honesty or Respect?

Gina:  Which is more important honesty or respect? Tee:  They are both important and both are necessary in any relationship.  I would say honesty is more important. Why you say? Well you can respect someone and still lie to them but if you are honest then the truth will be revealed which includes whether or […]

Are you a convenience?

Don’t be a convenience to anyone!  You and your time are valuable all the time not just when someone needs you to fulfil their needs. You teach people how to treat you.  If they can call you anytime and you are always available or you are willing to cancel plans just to do what they want […]

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