Aboutyourfriends.com is dedicated to celebrating friendships.   Having great friendships and seeing so many so-called friendships go up in flames are what let to this website being created. At AboutYourFriends  you can share your own stories, poems and photos of friendship. We will offer insights on how to be a good friend, advice and tips on knowing your boundaries and how to be a “true friend.”

**Editor’s Note 

I have learned that people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I also learned one true friend is better than having many “associates”.  A true friend is one you can have a very heated disagreement with one minute and be laughing the next.  A true friend is happy for you when you are successful and good things are happening for you even if things are going awry in their own lives.  True friends can laugh and cry and tell each other secrets and worry their secrets will be exposed.  I truly love and appreciate my friends. — LaToya Byfield


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